Bill O'Reilly And The New York Times

We are a divided nation with Bill O'Reilly and the New York Times at each side of the contentious political divide. Currently, it is a euphemism to call this country the United States of America; it's actually the Blue and Red States of America. The growing polarization is accelerating the downward spiral of our democracy; divided we shall fall.

There is a continuing effort to preserve this division between liberals and conservatives because is beneficial for:

· Members of Congress, planning to remain in office. (They have diverged the voters' attention, from the damage caused by them, by blaming the opposition.) Brainwashed Americans fight among them, totally unaware that career members of Congress are the main reason for our governmental problems.)

· Right wing and left wing companies in the media that make their profits by fanning the flames of political divisiveness.

· TV and radio talk show hosts, who preach the party line to their choirs for their lives.

The common complaint is that newspapers and TV have a liberal bias, and radio has a conservative bias. The actual dilemma is that there is little or no unprejudiced, nonpartisan information available to the public; with no alternative, audiences are subjected to preliminary reporting that solidifies and increases the harmful divisiveness. Today, everything is politicized, either politically motivated or politically expedient.


There are numerous media hosts catering to the conservatives. Bill O'Reilly is a member of this group. He earns a handsome income preaching to his chorus from his bully pulp on Fox News TV. O'Reilly's successful format is criticizing daily unjustices, finding fault with liberals, lauding conservatives, interviewing an assortment of primarily right wing individuals. He justifies his so called "fair and balanced" reporting by having "token liberals" on the program, most of which he interrupts and castigates. O'Reilly's so called interviews are, in realty, debts in which he stubbornly uses his personal opinions as facts. His hotly, expressed hubris and loud bullying of liberal guests delight his prejudiced audience. O'Reilly brags that people refuse to appear on his program to face him. A farcical part of his program is the smile called flags. Naturally, his typically right ruling hearing votes to corroborate his and their views.


The New York Times is, one of, or the leading newspaper in the US Its stories and editorials influence other liberal papers and TV networks. It is no coincidence that the daily topics in this publication are simultaneously covered in many newspapers, TV programs, and radio broadcasts. It uses many techniques to inherit its left wing bias:

· Suppressing or burying stories on the back pages that are helpful or complimentary to the opposition.

· Taking quotes out of context that distorts the intended meaning.

· Editorializing news stories.

· Using personal attacks on opponents.

The Times, like others in the conservative media, also indulges in managed flags. This paper's slanting and even editorializing news stories have transformed the credibility of journalism. This non-objective reporting has become the vogue just as the Woodward and Bernstein "Deep Throat" series popularized investigative reporting.

Most Americans are "middle of the road" in their beliefs. They are not hard core conservatives or flaming liberals. The major holds mixed views about the current controversial issues, abortion, gun control, and gay marriage; there is no clear cut division among them. There is no nonpartisan information available to the average citizen. Consequently, these citizens are forced to choose the media that nearly agreements with their point of view. Unfortunately, the daily exposure to biased media creates a propaganda machine, much like Adolph Hitler's in the 1930s. This constant subjection to prejudice media slowly moves them to more extreme beliefs, accelerating the growing political abyss in this country.

The emboldened extremist, of each political persuasion, use more extreme and unacceptable tactics in their frenzied castigation of one another. Recalcitrant ideological and religious beliefs are not a substitution for debate and thoughtful consideration. Compromise has been lost in this senseless fight. The left wing's wicked, unrelenting, personal attacks on George W. Bush were damaging to our nation because they were also an assault on the office of the Presidency. So far, in this Obama administration, the extremist on the right have not attacked the President. They are impugning the Democratic leadership in Washington by calling the Vice President, "Cheshire Biden," Senate Majority Leader, "ebullient Reid," and Speaker of the House, "air ball Pelosi," all of which, is uncalled for and completely unnecessary .

Our forefathers created this remarkable experiment in democratic governance based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that embodied a united citizenry. We can not sustain a polarized Republic. Citizens should organize a populace movement to vote against the career members of Congress, which will end this suicidal political divisiveness by restoring reason and logic.

Source by A. Woodrow

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